"I passed the California bar exam on my first attempt... I just wanted to thank you for your help. I know that when I was writing the essays I had the formula you showed me in my head and I used it. Thank you for your help! "

Merit Mikhail, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Turning On the Light Bulb…

During our two years at law school, we listened to other students complain about the extra-curricular seminars and commercial materials. We informally polled students and bar candidates on their complaints regarding these services and products. Most students felt such services and products did not effectively teach, did not effectively “turn on the light bulb,” so to speak…

The Bar Formula is the light switch you need to prepare for the bar exam!


"The bar exam really did seem simple... I would like to recommend The Bar Formula. I found their step-by-step approach to essay writing to be very logical. And, while it sounded simple, it was awkward, at first, to apply. But, after a few weeks, it became second nature. By the time I took the bar exam, the bar exam really did seem simple."

Kristina Beavers, Esq.
Attorney at Law

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

With The Bar Formula, you will learn a simple, full-proof technique along with a few easy-to-learn tools that will improve your chance of passing.  This program is the only thing you’ll ever need to pass the bar!

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The Bar Formula is an online, interactive learning program that helps students prepare for class, final exams, and pass the Bar.  The Bar Formula has been Helping Students Over 24 Years with a Success Rate of Over 95%!

The Bar Formula Online Program is focused on Writing Technique and Methodology, making it the Ideal Supplement to any Primary Tutorial Course!


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