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Food for Thought - Torts vs. Professional Responsibility


Welcome to The Bar Formula's "Food For Thought!"

I like to introduce a few quick topics that are relatively current and relevant. And today is a quick discussion on...

Have you ever considered studying the subjects in a different order?

Most of us are given the torts as a first subject and we spent probably a week or two reviewing Torts I should say studying but it's a review and is all the time spent sitting Torts worth it?

Well, it is a big subject to put your head around. It is also the time that you're learning to kind of adjust your writing style and so forth, but if each essay carries the same value then shouldn't you study what essay appears the most?

Well, that's a good question that we're going to pose. So let's get ready for a big surprise for your food for thought.

Since 2011 the California bar has tested Professional Responsibility 18 times and Torts only seven. That's almost every bar!

That should be concerning to you. Like when I went through my reviews, I spent a week or two on Torts, and of course, PR was on and I'd probably spend a day or two reviewing it. Well, you might as well master your PR because it is an easy one to master and it will very much likely be tested over your biggest subject to Torts and you do need to know Torts for the MBEs.

But you really need to nail down your ability to write issue spot organized etcetera for Professional Responsibility.

Are you still surprised? ...and my final question for this presentation is, what are you going to do about it?

I recommend studying PR on a consistent basis throughout your studies. It's not a lot of material to cover I would get used to it and that's just food for thought.


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